‘Stay Knowledgeable’ – CEO of Cybele Energy limited advices young women.

Mrs. Beatrice Jones Mensah Tayui, the CEO Of Cybele Energy limited has advised young women to back whatever they do up with substance and make sure to stay knowledgeable.

‘You must back it up with substance and the tense to be this rush to becoming something that you don’t even understand and especially to young women your equity is up here (pointing to her brain) and so if you are able to make sure that you stay knowledgeable’ she passionately said in an interview on the Daakye Kanea Leadership Podcast..

She continued by saying that, anything fancy will come to pass because of its fleeting nature but young girls must must develop their knowledge and add value to themselves.

‘Because you see, anything that’s fancy that’s will come to pass. its fleeting but develop your knowledge have personal development have self-conviction because even if you do get married you need to continue adding value within that marriage you need to continue adding value to yourself other wise you become absolute’ she said.

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