The Immigration Barriers Must Go if I get the chance to become President-Dr. Kobby Mensah

Albert Kobby Mensah

When asked about the first policy will implement in his first year if he becomes a President in an interview with F5 Digital Media, Dr. Kobby said he would remove all immigration barriers.

The political analyst added that he will as well introduce a universal passport where Africans can travel without limitations.

‘Remove the barriers. The immigration barriers must go. First policy to implement you going to have a universal passport for Africans to move where ever they want. Ghanaians move to Côte d’Ivoire, Côte d’Ivoire  move to Nigeria and the other ones can come later’ he said.

This scenario was created for Dr. Kobby as he made an appearance on the ‘Daakye Kanea Leadership Podcast’ to share insightful lessons from his leadership experiences.

Watch below from minute 20

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